Do you need a quick, easy and secure way to come up with a new strong random password that meets personal or corporate requirements? Try #1 Password Generator - the best app of its kind!

Supports Windows 10, Windows Phone, UWP, Android


#1 Password Generator Screen


With #1 Password Generator you can:

  • Easily generate new strong/hard to guess passwords with one click
  • Copy passwords to the clipboard for a quick use in other applications
  • Define your own (or specific corporate) password requirements
  • Define Password Length
  • Include/Exclude Numbers
  • Include/Exclude Special Characters
  • Define Specific Special Characters that meet your needs
  • Exclude ambiguous characters
  • Check Password Strength (informational only)
  • Generate unlimited passwords
  • Great tool for System Administrators (sysadmins)
  • Strong Password Generator
  • Set reminders to change expired passwords (Windows Phone 8.1 only)
  • Benefit from the built in integration with Cortana and use Voice Commands to generate passwords (Windows 10/UWP only)
    • To use Voice Commands on your Windows 10 device, simply say:

      • Password Generator, Get New Password
      • Password Generator, Show Settings


#1 Password Generator

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